Lausanne… What a beautiful city. The way I like to describe this city is by imagining it as the hybrid between San Francisco and Geneva. This is actually how I imagined Geneva would look. I visited the city with Shauna and within 3 hours, we were already tired and out of breath because the landscape is all hills! 

Path to Lausanne: my host mom informed me that my host brother was going to have a fencing tournament in Lausanne that Saturday and that she was willing to take me and a friend to visit the city (as our train tickets do not take us that far). I offered the opportunity to Shauna, who quickly agreed to it. We met at the Mies station at 9:30 in the morning, at which point we walked over to the house and ate breakfast. We left at around 10:30 and arrived at Lausanne by 11:10!

Shauna and I saw:

  • La Cathédrale–A Gothic relic built in the 13th century that dominates the city of Lausanne. It is the largest cathedral in Switzerland.
  • Les Escaliers du Marché–Les Escaliers is an uphill marketplace that is considered one of the most picturesque elements in all of Lausanne. All types of stores can be found here: everything from expensive Louis Vuitton bags to cheap fruit and vegetable markets.
  • La Place et L’Église Saint-François–The church is known for its beautiful bell tower, constructed two centuries after the church was built in the 13th century. Surrounding the church, one finds a milieu of interesting cafés, restaurants, crêperies, etc. Beyond that vicinity, there are many banks, a small mall and some international restaurants.
  • La place de la Palud–Easily located based on its gorgeous fountain, Place de la Palud is surrounded by the Hôtel de Ville, which dates back to the 17th century. A curious feature of the Place, is the little puppets that run along the length of the stores, singing songs and ringing bells.
  • La Synagogue–Built in 1910 by a Jewish sponsor from Bordeaux, France, the synagogue marks his gratitude to the Swiss for having housed the Bourbaki army in 1870.
  • Le Crêt de Montriond–The park offers arguably the best view in Lausanne overlooking Lake Geneva. It contains 6,000 plants with worldly origins, picked and cared for specifically for this park. In this park, we encountered a group of drummers there specifically for a photo op! They are pictured below.

Guess what: I was finally able to put in a slideshow! I’m so proud… 😀

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