Polo Game in my Little Town of Mies

Polo was definitely everything I expected it to be! By that, I mean that it was just like in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character is invited to a polo match by Richard Gere’s character. Although there were aspects I expected, I do think that my excitement and surprise was rather similar to hers.

Photo Credit to Pretty Woman, 1990

I’m not sure I’d be able to properly describe a polo match. I still am not sure I completely understand how the game works! Just a lot of running around on horses and hitting the ball with an odd-shaped bat. I did learn, however, that after every goal, the teams switch positions and begin shooting at the opposite goal–which I guess levels the playing field. This is possible only because there is no one guarding the goal.

What I suspect most people attend a polo game for is the ambiance. There is hardly any room to sit (there are bleachers, but people tend to bring their own lawn chairs or lounge on the ones in mini tents), yet there are plenty of eating options. There was ice cream, American food, alcohol, gourmet cooking, lemonade, you name it! There was even a carousel, which shocks me to this day. Really, the only reason I was able to make it to the game was because it was free! Otherwise, I might not have been able to afford it. I could tell this, because the polo sponsors were Aston Martin, Maserati and Porsche (these cars were casually placed on the field for people to gape at). The two teams that were playing were Jaeger-LeCoultre and, I believe, Spark Energy. Could hardly get more elitist than an energy company and a watch-maker. Before I forget, need I mention that the parking lot was stocked full of ridiculously luxurious cars that people need not waste money on? Yeah, I counted on my fingers the number of non-awesome cars there were. Unfortunate.

Towards the end, there was a parade of gymnasts doing flips and tricks on their horses. Did I accidentally end up at the circus?

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