Sacred Silence in Paris – Day 6

Moving out! Today is the last day that SIT was willing to pay for our housing. Technically, our group was to stay in Paris until Friday, September 28th, and we were given the choice to stay the weekend, granted that we would pay for our own housing (which, given our poor student status, inferred that we would be staying in hostels). Given that we came back at 6:00 in the morning last night (the trains closed at midnight and the earliest train was at 5:30 the following day) I was shocked that I not only woke up in time, but I also had time to take a shower, pack all of my things and have breakfast! I gave myself a little pat on the back, it’s true.

Getting to our hostel was a total pain in the arse. Paris is HUMONGOUS so it requires a subway system that is extensive enough to accommodate its sheer magnitude. What this means for us is that it took 40 minutes to get to our hostel, St. Christopher’s Inn. We waited thirty minutes to check in because of the large queue so it was 15:00 when we were finally liberated. By free, I mean we were starving. Jihane, Michelle and I found a nice little cafe where I knew that we were in trouble because some guys were sitting next to us and greeted us when we came in. They finally spoke to us when we asked for the bill and because they could tell I didn’t want to talk and Michelle didn’t feel comfortable either, they attached themselves to Jihane. She just talked and talked to them and I was getting very uncomfortable when they invited us to a club and said they would drive us in the evening. Ew! No way. Jihane continued to talk to them because she wanted to squeeze out information from them on a club. Well I guess she got something because she seemed content afterwards.

It was 4:30 in the afternoon and we hadn’t visited anything. We felt the day was useless! Thank goodness we came up with something (although it was miniscule). We met up with Skyler and went to La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Totally worth it the second time. 🙂 I wasn’t in awe because it wasn’t my first time seeing it, so I don’t really feel like posting a description of it…

After we walked around the church, we wanted to find somewhere to eat. We found a teeny-tiny restaurant where we were seated in the back. It was sooo quiet and the music so beautiful that once we left and went outside, we had a shock. My head started spinning because I felt really dizzy and everything seemed really loud. No alcohol was involved I swear! It was just so strange that we knew we needed to go somewhere loud. Thankfully, we found a great place that served crepes and guess what, they had a live band!! The silence was definitely drowned out from our ears. ‘Twas fabulous.