I have decided to be a little nicer to my readers and post something much shorter today. You will be feasting your eyes on my gifts!

Here they are, in the order I received them and opened them:

1. Murano glass jewelry set with pendant, ring and earrings  – from David and Toma

2. Blue collapsible vest – from Babulia and Dedulia

3. Marc New York leather jacket – from Babulia and Dedulia

4. VAIO laptop and computer case – from Mom and Dad

5. Tote bag – from Anoush and Tiko

6. Shirt with velvet images of yarn – from Anoush and Tiko

7. White sweater with squirrel image – from Anoush and Tiko

8. Dangle earrings of Russian newspaper clippings – from Anoush and Tiko

9. Two rings with movable beads – from Anoush and Tiko

10. Multi-color knitted scarf with pom-pom bottoms – from Anoush and Tiko

11. Fuzzy purple gloves – from Anoush and Tiko

12. Grey cross-body Domani bag – from Karen and Lena

13. Metallic blue Swatch – from Host Mom and Host Brother