Bree in Geneva


My roommate-to-be, Bree, has been very good at visiting all of her future housemates while abroad–she has seen Rebecca–who’s studying abroad in Paris, and Arzoo–who’s studying abroad in Brighton–and now me! She arrived on November 23rd, the day I finished my ISP presentation so I was completely free! Problem was, I was also absolutely exhausted. Bree had been traveling a lot before she arrived in Geneva so she was wiped out just as well. Good thing too!! Because after I picked her up from the airport and we made our way back to the house, chatted a lot until 3 or 4 in the morning, we fell asleep.


The following day, we got up at, say…12:15 PM. This is ridiculous. I told Bree we could still see a lot in Geneva before we needed to make it back to the house to prepare Thanksgiving dinner with my host family (we decided to celebrate it on the 24th). Off we went! We saw the Jet d’Eau, L’Horloge Fleurie, United Nations, La Chaise Cassée, window shopped in Place de Molard and returned shortly thereafter. I was so glad that Bree told me she didn’t care how much we saw in Geneva because she came to see me. 🙂 This was calming because both of us were too tired to push ourselves to wake up early and do lots of things.

Back at the house, my host dad had prepared the turkey. When we came back, I saw an empty Feldschlösschen beer bottle on the kitchen table.

Very popular German beer in Switzerland.

Very popular German beer in Switzerland.

Given two facts: 1) my host dad does not like beer, yet 2) he was alone all day, I wondered if he had been so bored that he had drunk the bottle all on his lonesome! Suffice it to say I was curious. Bree and I got ready to prepare the Thanksgiving side dishes. My host mom had bought all of the ingredients we needed, cranberries being the most important! Together, we learned how to make cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes (we realized that neither one of us had ever made puree from scratch before). Eventually we boiled green beans to add on top of everything else. We had such a fun time making everything! And the cranberry sauce especially turned out superb, so I am incredibly looking forward to a wonderful semester cooking and baking with Bree, Arzoo and Rebecca in our four-person room!

At dinner, the turkey was so amazing!! It tasted unlike any other turkey I had had so I wondered where its taste came from. And then it hit me. THE BEER. There I was, thinking my poor host dad was feeling lonely when he was just being an awesome cook! After dinner we considered going out to the pub to meet with some of my friends but we decided against it and watched Iron Man 2 instead. Thereafter we watched Out of Sight, possibly my new favorite movie.


Here we go, waking up late again. Instead of going to Nyon like we had originally planned, these two couch potatoes decided to walk around my little town of Mies! It was quaint. 😀 We came home, grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to the airport. Although we didn’t get to go many places, Bree and I bonded a whole lot, making us even more excited to live together, if that’s even possible!

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