First Stop: London

It has been almost two weeks since the end of my condensed eurotrip, so excuse me if my memories are not the brightest… Although I have been told that my memory is very good so I hope that I can continue to entertain you thus. 🙂

I took EasyJet to London with Michelle at 17:00 and we arrived at 18:10, local time (an hour behind Geneva). Let me just say, that having finally flown EasyJet, I can now see why the airline charges so little for flying: I barely fit in the seat! Seriously, if you are even remotely over average weight, you will not enjoy the flight, lemme tell ya. It’s pretty rude. I thought they had regulations for these kinds of things… Once in the airport, the strangest feeling of all was being located somewhere where everything, and I mean everything, was in English! Is it weird to say that English seemed like the foreign language to see big signs in after all this time? We found a pasta place where we ate, little aware that we would eat later also. Figuring out transportation was a bit of an issue.

Here’s the tube map:

London Tube Map

London Tube Map, aka Underground

It would be rather simple if our stop was actually on there. As we were coming from Gatwick, we were actually on the far eastern corner of the map, where the London suburban trains operated. What we should have been looking at was this map:

National Rail Map

National Rail Map

Oh and funny story. Gatwick’s not on that one either. Maybe now you could understand our confusion. How we ended up making it to my cousin Lena’s apartment, I am still confounded. Especially given the fact that we walked 20 minutes in the wrong direction with my one suitcase and Michelle’s oversize + tiny suitcase, walked back to the tube stop, and walked another 15 minutes to her apartment. In reality, it took us 40 + 15 = 55 minutes to approximately one hour to get to Lena’s apartment! No wonder we got there at almost exactly 11:00 PM. (Don’t forget to factor in the cafe time, plus the time from the suburban train to the local London Underground.)

For our arrival, Lena had prepared seafood with noodles and salad! I really wished that we hadn’t eaten at the airport. Darn, just now I’m thinking I should have taken a picture of her apartment! For all of our relatives to googoo and gaga over. Because it is especially nice. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and pretty spacious hallway/corridor! I want to be so well-off at some point in my single life. 🙂 Lena does not pride herself on being a good cook–which frankly I can’t understand–because her noodles with shrimp were so delicious!! It was hard to stop eating them, even though I felt incredibly full after eating my pasta from before. Really, really cozy in her apartment that Michelle and I quickly fell asleep, looking forward to the real beginning to our adventures the following day.