Nyon, Switzerland

It’s surprisingly hard to keep up a blog! I’m going to try my best to update you all on this WEEK that I am lacking. Here goes nothing…

My host family wanted to take me to a market in France at 10:30 to show me around, but I woke up at 11:00 so I kind of missed that opportunity… I received a text from a friend, Lauren, that she and Melissa wanted to visit Nyon, a city that is closer to my town than Geneva is. I loved the idea of leaving the house! I prepared my camera, OF COURSE, train ticket and headed over to the train station to meet her and Melissa. By the way, the Swiss trains are always on time, and if a train is not on the dot, most likely it is not going to come at all…Image

At the train station in Nyon, the three of us (Melissa, Lauren and I) met up with one more girl, Shauna. What can I say to properly describe Nyon? It looks like what I imagined Geneva would look like. It has a couple of little castles sprinkled here and there and consists of a huge hill right in the middle of the town center, which contains lots of little couture stores and a few less expensive ones. The view from the top of the hill is absolutely beautiful, as it overlooks Lake Geneva and allows you to see France on the other side. Speaking of which, there is a boat that leaves several times every hour that takes passengers to France for a measly amount of money (about 15CHF) in about 15 minutes’ time! I love how close Geneva is to France. 😉


The four of us took a stroll down to see one of the popular American pubs (Fisherman’s Pub) and one of us got Italian gelato at this apparently renowned cute shop everyone recommends. Our walk to us to the pier, where we discovered the aforementioned boat to France and sat on by the water. The weather could not have been any more beautiful or perfect (as you see from the attached selfie picture). While reminiscing about actually being in Switzerland, one of us ate gelato, another ate a sandwich, and two of us ate fruit. We then continued along the pier and found a plush hilly park, where we took pictures by the fountain, by the plier bars and then lay on the grass. The best part? Making it back home in time for dinner. Score!