Am I Really Here for School?

First day of class, huh? I don’t suppose anyone ever receives an entirely great impression on the first day. I’ll explain.

Getting to school was a blast! I met up with Lauren, Melissa, James and Emma at our station and we all headed over to Geneva at 8:36 and were already there at 8:59. We were shocked at how quickly we had arrived (class was due to commence at 9:30) and so we decided to pay a visit to a little cafe close to the SIT building. Little did we know, another group of us had the same bright idea! Some of us filled up the remaining empty seats outside, while others stood chatting. Ten minutes to class we headed up the rotating stairs to the SIT office on the 6th floor (with every day, I swear we must be getting a good workout).

The lecture this morning was on some current international and worldly issues, and concentrated on defining diplomacy and its proper usage all over the world. We had a twenty-minute break (thank God!) and the class ended at 12:15. I was disappointed that the class was a LECTURE and although we did have some questions answered, I did not feel as if the questions facilitated any useful discussion. Bummer. 😦

My group of students went to eat lunch at Manor (the mall which contains a buffet on the top floor) and I took some disappointingly uninteresting photos–given that the territory was blocked off by a fence. Here’s one: Image

Our group of about six people was just trying to pass the time until we needed to arrive at our French class at 14:00. Having walked to our hearts’ content, we arrived at the tram stop at 13:30 and were lucky that a tram arrived within three minutes! The trams are so great, they come at least six times, if not more, an hour.

I got placed in the advanced level! I’m so glad. After taking a somewhat large amount of French classes and having had the opportunity to speak French on numerous levels, I hoped to get the most out of the French class, considering that it isn’t even going to count towards any requirements for me. The prof is very sweet and the first class was furnished mostly by filling out surveys in which we indicated what we expected to get out of the class. We read an article, identified some foreign words, and discussed the article’s meaning. I think this class will be a good base for placing some structure on the French I acquire while in Switzerland. Also, potentially it could serve as a good forum for deliberating certain issues or discrepancies I come across while observing the culture and while talking to my host family. The French class made up for the, honestly, disheartening international affairs course this morning.