Feeling Proud!


According to the recipe book, these cuties are called “Whoopie Cookies.” I made them!! Lemme tell ya, if you think French is a language to learn, you haven’t yet tried baking in French. I needed my host dad to help me with the instructions because it was like reading an alien language–every other word was unfamiliar to me. I made the cookie portion of it and my host mom made the meringue portion because she’s obsessed with chocolate and was licking her fingers every other minute. Baked in 12 minutes!! I haven’t yet tried one but my host brother’s friend and mother each tried one and said that they are to die for.

The other thing I am proud of: at the dinner table yesterday, my 12-year-old host brother was planning his imaginary trip to the United States and mentioned the following places (not necessarily states): New York, Washington, DC, Colorado/Grand Canyon, Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, Miami. His brother then asked me if Alaska was a state (how cute). Their father started criticizing them for wanting to see the United States when they’ve hardly even seen Switzerland. The brothers scoffed and said, “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a en Suisse?” My host dad said that there was a lot to see in the country: “Demandez Beata.” At this moment I woke up from my daze and thought, did he really just tell his boys to ask me what there is to see in Switzerland?? Yep, I have officially been promoted from tourist status to je ne sais quoi. 🙂