Geneva Election Night Party

With my parents and brother arriving tomorrow, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep. What does one do when he/she cannot sleep? One goes to an election party, of course!! But before that, there were some things I needed to get done. I went to the UN library to set up a schedule for the first day of my family’s arrival and figured out that the reason people were not getting back to me about meeting for interviews was because I was writing to them in French! I thought that I would reach a larger demographic if I contacted them in French, but as it turns out, the diplomatic language of Geneva is English. This I realized once I resent two e-mails to individuals in English and they responded almost immediately. Needless to say, I am changing my game plan!

I am drawing a blank as to what I did after I left the United Nations. I suppose it was of minimal importance. What matters is that at 23:03 I sat on a train, all dressed in red, white and blue to witness the election of the United States’ next president. I don’t know if I need to describe my political views, but it might be useful just for the purposes of this post. I am neither liberal nor conservative, because there are issues on which I lean one way or the other. Granted, I was more supportive of Obama in this election because while I think Romney could have done an excellent job cleaning up our economy, Obama would have upheld our positive (or what’s left of it) image abroad. The fact stands that citizens of foreign countries–at least the ones who responded to a survey conducted–preferred the reelection of Obama (excepting Pakistan). By the way, my dad’s going to kill me for this post but this is the first and last time I am writing about politics!

The party was in a theater called Uptown Geneva, located 250 meters away from the Geneva station, thus super convenient. As you enter, there is a bar on the right and stairs on the left leading to two theaters. The coat check was free (or not, admission was 30 CHF) and the theater on the left featured another bar, a place to sit and purchase election paraphernalia. On the right, was a theater where CNN was being played on a live feed. The first hour and a half of the election was incredibly nerve-racking. What was tedious is that Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio were being stubborn and took too long to make up their minds. Virginia and Florida were not even counted on the night of the election because Virginian votes were only finally counted on Wednesday; Florida votes are STILL undecided!!

Obama was elected at 5:15 in the morning, Geneva time. The theater was roaring with excitement! Of course, the group that hosted the event was Democrats Abroad (as you will not find conservatives in Switzerland). They served breakfast at 5:20–and by breakfast I mean bagels and cinnamon buns–and shortly thereafter it was time to go home. I took the 6:03 train back to my town and almost collapsed in bed. I say almost, because I needed to make sure I woke up in time to pick my parents and brother up from the airport at around 9:15 that morning!