Sion 4 Castle Extravaganza

Another day trip after presentations for the win! Michelle and I wanted to make it out to Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais, and see two of the four beautiful castles. Tell me why in the world a little town needs four castles… On our train ride, I took a little nap and was awoken every now and then by Michelle who was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the snow-capped mountain landscapes. She’d say, “Oh my gosh, look there’s a clear line between the snow and the green!” Whenever I’d wake up, I’d roll my eyes at her at say, “California girl.”

I checked where the tourist center was before we arrived so we found it immediately! From there, we took the “Discovery Walk,” a pre-determined list of must-see sites, all of whose history we were able to read. 🙂

Discovery WalkI’m not going to elaborate on the walk because I labelled all of the images with their names, as I knew them. Sion is very tiny, which is why it is often labeled the secret capital of Valais. Michelle and I found our favorite place immediately: this was the Rue du Grand-Pont. It is a cobble-stone street lined with miniature shops (all with very expensive taste, of course) and some cafes. We resolved to come back and window-shop. We advanced onwards. When we came to the crossroads between the two castles, we came to the deduction that Château de Valère was farther away than Château de Tourbillon, so it’d be our warm-up. No such luck. I mean, we really should have looked at the map we were carrying around with us, as the path to Tourbillon is clearly much longer than the one to Valère. When we had made it halfway up to the castle, we looked back and saw that we would have only been a quarter up to Tourbillon at the rate we were going. The museum at the castle was filled with gardens, flying flags, projections of the changes Sion had undergone during the course of 7,000 years! Oh, and stuffed real-life animals (those freaked Michelle out) and stories upon stories of conquests and victories. The typical. 😉

Where were we going to go after the castle? We descended from Valère and thought twice or three times about climbing Tourbillon. Then we noticed our feet ached and we were freezing our faces off. CHECK. We said we’d tell people we’d seen the castle, but I’m not one for exaggerating on my blog–got to maintain my credibility. Am I right or am I right? On our journey to Rue du Grand-Pont, Michelle concocted another screenplay with Sion as its setting, horror as its genre, twenty years ago as its time period, and anti-Nazi gangs as its subject matter. The only thing missing was a plot. I told her she has no right to tell me another screenplay idea without writing it down. Hey, a Peace Studies major can double as a screenwriter, no?

After walking around and taking pictures of the beautiful Rue du Grand-Pont in the dusk, we strove to find a place to eat. No such luck AGAIN. These Swiss people did not want to open their dinner kitchens until 6:30 PM. They’re able to put a time limit on eating because hardly any of them ever eat out. *sigh* We went to Coop, a grocery store and I got a sandwich, olives and potato chips, while Michelle got a salad with raspberries and blueberries. We ran to the train and ate there. I really really love how it’s cool to eat on the trains! People get drunk on there too because of the open container laws, but that’s beside the point. 😀