Montreux with Friends

When I first heard that my study abroad program was planning on taking us all to Montreux and seeing Château de Chillon, I almost a flipped a…sausage? I had already seen the castle with  my aunt and I didn’t want to ruin that memory! I tried to ask Aline, our coordinator, if I could skip out on the castle and tour a little more myself and she told me that the purpose of our visit was to spend one last day together as a group. I could understand that…so I decided to just take more pictures of the castle!

Our group took a bus to Montreux–because it’s cheaper for our program like this–and we stopped by an observation deck to take some group photos. The last ones… This is all happening so fast…

We continued descending down the road and approached Château de Chillon. A guide showed us perhaps only half of the rooms I had seen with my aunt, but she gave more details that were not listed in the history booklet, so I was happy about that. 🙂 I took pictures in random spots (not very many in the actual castle) because I had already taken pictures of the rooms in my previous post, Château, Freddie Mercury and Concert in Montreux.

‘Twas time for food! Our group was taken to a restaurant right by Lake Geneva. For my appetizer I was given this strange dish:

DSC02892I actually think it’s foie gras. The main course was much more palatable–chicken with veggies and some pasta. Then dessert! I ate a coffee cake, yummmm. And SIT paid for all of it. 🙂

Some members of our program wished each other adieu because they doubted they’d be able to see each other again… 😦 Michelle, Madeleine and I took our first stroll browsing all of the Christmas markets. They have everything there!!!!! I am super duper excited for all of the other Christmas markets I will see: London, Munich, Vienna among the coolest ones. In Montreux, there are a number of sites that host the markets. We were in the “mainland” so to speak. There were markets in the main station, in Chillon even, and also in two towns a little ways away from Montreux. When we told Madeleine that we wanted to go to Caux, she got so excited because that is the town in which one of her best friends from back home attends university! Thirty minutes in the markets was enough because Michelle and I knew we’d come back after touring Caux. I will be posting about Caux shortly, as it requires its own post!

Upon descending from the mountains of Caux, Michelle and I walked around the markets again, took some more pictures and tried malled wine! It was very good, but because I drink really slowly, half of mine got too cold and I couldn’t drink it. Sad…