Winter Wonderland

If you don’t think that Caux, the village where I experienced winter, is a wonderland, then you must be an elf. I am having a hard time describing this paradise. But I think my captions might help just a little bit… Read them!

At this point, I think I’ll just give you a sequence of events. It started snowing as we ascended up the train to Caux from Montreux. Gosh, were we pleased! We finally got to see Switzerland the way we’ve imagined it all of our lives. 🙂 I took some pictures of the ride up. Once we arrived, we realized just how much the village was transformed into a wonderland–there were signs everywhere for the Christmas village and everything was snow-covered. The pictures do it more justice than my words could.

What wasn’t there in this village? It was like I walked into a storybook: there were tents everywhere, real-live animals, a playground, malled wine, hot chocolate, centaurs guarding minotaurs (what?), little dwarves by tiny lit castles, and of course, crêpes. The train ride was somehow exhausting so once we reached the end of the Christmas trail, the three of us entered a tent and were fed crêpes! The joy of the holiday season….

Madeleine’s friend, Rebecca, called her and we set up a meeting place. Rebecca brought a friend, Dhvani, with her and we all walked around the village a little more before going inside the castle. To be honest, it was just as I expected on the inside: just like any normal university, but with the occasional hints of tradition as seen per their Great Hall. The point of our going to the castle was to visit the rooftop! Which we did by climbing through a bathroom window. 🙂 Too bad it was too dark to take any good photos…but at least you see us up there! As mentioned by my previous post, Michelle and I left for Montreux, while Madeleine slept over her friend’s.