Top of the World in Paris – Day 5

Getting to the presentations today was a complete hassle. Our academic directors were not informed of a site change! Nor did they have the phone numbers of the people in charge of the… Continue reading

Midnight in Paris – Day 4

As someone who appreciates receiving information in a manner that is conducive to learning, I felt it necessary to take a picture of this silliness. What you see below you, is sugar cubes… Continue reading

Brussels Marvels – Day 3

Yay, presentations! But actually, it was pretty exciting. Our group met in the hotel lobby and we headed over to the metro. Our lectures were held in the European Commission building (awesome). In the… Continue reading

Brussels Trammels – Day 2

Today, September 24th, was the first day of our lectures “abroad” (by this I mean away from Switzerland). They were held in one of the hotel’s conference rooms (thank goodness! less work for… Continue reading

Brussels Mussels – Day 1

As soon as we arrived in Brussels, I started looking around at the people in the station and noticed something. Most people had a somewhat elongated face–skinnier features and longer noses and chins.… Continue reading

À Bientôt Genève, Bonjour Bruxelles et Paris

I’m finally leaving the country! Though I wish I had an actual photo to place here, fear not: I’ll be in Brussels for 3 days and Paris for 4 days, so I’ll get… Continue reading

Fondue in the Mountains

Every year, SIT hosts a dinner for the host families and their students during which they feeds us fondue. This year, the restaurant we went to was in La Dôle, a peak in… Continue reading

Macaron de Framboise

I’m sorry if this makes you salivate, but… My host mom bought this delicacy just for me! It’s just like the macaroon that one would buy in Ladurée in Paris, but it’s also… Continue reading

Château, Freddie Mercury and Concert in Montreux

I still cannot believe that my aunt, whom I hadn’t seen for two years until this summer, actually made it to Switzerland! She plays violin in a travelling orchestra based in Moscow and… Continue reading

Canyoning, Hammocking, Hiking in Interlaken!

DAY 1 I am so glad that I got to see the Swiss German part of Switzerland so early in the trip! I would have gotten the completely wrong impression of Switzerland by remaining… Continue reading