Above, two pictures of our Youth Hostel! Finally, we learned about our learning structure! SIT is very secretive before arrival at the destination, with regards to where classes will be held, who will… Continue reading

Geneva 2012 Album

Geneva 2012 Album

At this point, you’ve only seen a very minimal amount of photos–so you need to have access to my Facebook album! This album is not completely chronologically correct, but within a couple of days, it will have all the correct dates and locations. I hope you have complete access to this album now! 


First Sights

For breakfast, visitors at the Youth Hostel have a choice of cereal, yogurt, granola, bread, butter and jam. Despite the lack of choices, I found that all of the options were healthy and… Continue reading

Geneva Airport Finally Released Us!

Upon arrival at the Youth Hostel, our guide, Aline, placed five to six students in separate rooms. The photo up top is the view from our balcony!! I am staying in a room with… Continue reading

Stuck in Geneva Airport!

Stuck in Geneva Airport!

Здорово всем! Я кстати без платно подключилось к Интернету потому, что я с ночала купила телефон и потом мне СМС послали с кодом.

This is my first official post!! I arrived in Geneva 55 minutes ahead of schedule (at 8:25) and have met up with people from my program! In case of emergencies, here is my phone number: 07 94 65 48 18. For the past 3 hours, our group has been chatting and waiting for 13:30, our official group meeting time.

Just thought you would like to see what a Swiss patisserie looks like! More pictures are to come.