Trier, Germany: City of Roman Ruins

Thinking that I would just stay home this weekend and finish my New York Law Course was silly: I’m in Europe, anything could happen! One of the people I live with told me… Continue reading

First Sights & First Meal

On my second day in the city (and first full day), I needed to accomplish these errands: Register in the city Buy an adapter with an American grounded option Either only buy a SIM… Continue reading

Mishaps & Misgivings on Arrival to Luxembourg

And I’m off to Europe again! This time, I will be spending 3 months in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, interning at the European Court of Justice in the General Court, under Judge Savvas Papasavvas… Continue reading

Harry Potter Studio Tour

The trip to the studio was pretty arduous. Getting up in the morning was of course the hardest thing we did that day, given our club run from the night before! We took… Continue reading

Much Ado about London

I promised London in my previous post…so here it is! The first and only day I spent in London. I had created a checklist of places I wanted to visit and the expected… Continue reading

Brighton, the Brighton Beach Doppelgänger

Oh don’t worry, we’ll be coming back to London. After today. One of my three future roommates is studying abroad in Brighton; given my trip to London, it was clear that I needed… Continue reading

2012 Blogging Review

I still have a ways to go with my description of my trip in December, but as it is December 31st and the end of the year… I wanted to share with you… Continue reading

First Stop: London

It has been almost two weeks since the end of my condensed eurotrip, so excuse me if my memories are not the brightest… Although I have been told that my memory is very… Continue reading

Quick Update

I have had very limited Internet and time to be able to post about my experiences over this past week. Believe you me: there were numerous bombastic sights and so so so many… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

If you don’t think that Caux, the village where I experienced winter, is a wonderland, then you must be an elf. I am having a hard time describing this paradise. But I think… Continue reading