La Fête du Chocolat | Le Musée d’Arts et d’Histoire

One of my friends from university, Michael, is studying abroad in Paris for one year and he was able to take a weekend trip to sightsee in Geneva. The weekend of the 27th… Continue reading

Promising Prospects for Independent Study Project

I had a revelation last week. I read an article on environmental migration (aka environmental refugees, climate refugees) and remembered this long-forgotten topic. At first, I thought that it would be awesome to… Continue reading

Château de Gruyères

The castle houses quite a few splendid objects. It has a temporary exhibit: from the 12th of May until the 4th of November 2012, the museum is displaying Takawira Tuckson Muvezwa’s sculptures. Its… Continue reading

Swiss Hopping: Gruyères-Bulle-Broc-Fribourg

Four towns in one day. No wonder all of Sunday was spent resting! Needless to say, much of the day was spent lounging on trains but at least the view was absolument parfait.… Continue reading

“Mademoiselle, votre Petit-Copain”: Dead Words

Something was finally brought to my attention at the dinner table last night. I had noticed that whenever I spoke of a guy friend, whether it was in the context of someone in… Continue reading

Coffee Machine Encounter at United Nations

It’s been a long time that I have not written about traveling. I think I might write about simple things more frequently! We often have conferences in the United Nations for our international… Continue reading

Roman Ruins and Churches in Lyon, France

I can’t seem to get enough of France. Michelle, Arturo and I wanted to venture out to Lyon for the day so we took a 7:29 train and arrived at 9:20! Michelle had… Continue reading

Versailles in Half the Time – Day 8

We were determined to make it to Versailles. Thankfully, we made it to the lobby by 10:00 this time! Michelle and I checked out and placed our luggage in lockers. Observe the route… Continue reading

Hole in One in Paris – Day 7

Up by 8:30, down to breakfast by 9:30 and ready to leave by the hostel by 10:00…but that didn’t change anything. Michelle, Jihane, Skyler and I were planning on taking the group tour… Continue reading

Sacred Silence in Paris – Day 6

Moving out! Today is the last day that SIT was willing to pay for our housing. Technically, our group was to stay in Paris until Friday, September 28th, and we were given the… Continue reading