What Happens When 3 Kids Are Released for the Day

The night before this one was long. I did work and wasted time in general, and Arturo and Michelle went clubbing until 6 in the morning. Did this stop our desire to take… Continue reading

Polo Game in my Little Town of Mies

Polo was definitely everything I expected it to be! By that, I mean that it was just like in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character is invited to a polo match by Richard… Continue reading

Market at Divonne-les-Bains, France

Did I ever mention how expensive Switzerland is? Well, if anyone knows this, it is the Swiss. Which is why, it is very popular to go to Divonne-les-Bains, a little town in eastern… Continue reading


Lausanne… What a beautiful city. The way I like to describe this city is by imagining it as the hybrid between San Francisco and Geneva. This is actually how I imagined Geneva would… Continue reading

Picture-Taking at the United Nations

Okay, so why is there a peacock in this post? Truthfully, only God knows. But in reality, to get your attention! This peacock was strutting around the gardens at the United Nations and… Continue reading

Am I Really Here for School?

First day of class, huh? I don’t suppose anyone ever receives an entirely great impression on the first day. I’ll explain. Getting to school was a blast! I met up with Lauren, Melissa,… Continue reading

Nyon, Switzerland

It’s surprisingly hard to keep up a blog! I’m going to try my best to update you all on this WEEK that I am lacking. Here goes nothing… My host family wanted to… Continue reading

New Home, New Emotions

What a big, stressful day! Already you could tell that students were in a worrisome mood and that they were unsure of what to expect, because in the morning everyone was a little… Continue reading

The Rest of the Room in the Hostel


The Rest of the Room in the Hostel

My Bed in the Hostel

My Bed in the Hostel